In Memory of Cee Kay Sash "Dollar" June 7, 1992 - June 8, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

Good-Bye Old Man...

I did not want today to happen at all. I was hoping that it was just a really, really bad dream in which I would wake up, realize that I wasn't losing the best horse ever and continue to keep on riding him.
Unfortunately, today was not a dream. It was reality. And to have reality bite me in the butt, Dr. Brad texted me this morning (around 11) asking if we could move the appointment up to 4:30 as the back-hoe digger had a wedding rehearsal to go to. Sure, why not......

I spent the day in a haze, dropped V off at my sister's place (a euthanizing and burial is no place for a 7-month old baby) and headed over to my Dad's place to load Dollar in the trailer one last time. And I could tell that he was ready to go when I grabbed him from the pasture. He wasn't picking fights anymore with Jack or Buster (the 2 new youngsters) and the spark was gone from his eyes. And he could tell that something was up, because he hesitated going into the trailer, as if he knew that he wasn't coming home again. Once I got him in the trailer (with some coaxing), I headed back to my place in town to wait for Hubby to get home and then head on our way.

While we were waiting for Hubby, I combed out his tail, braided it, and chopped it off just below the tail bone. I do want to make something out of it (probably a bracelet and necklace) in the near future. I also gave him an apple which he wasn't too keen about. That hit it home for me, he always loves his apples, but if he's turning them down, somethings up and not right.

Once Hubby got home, we hopped in the trailer and headed off. I was hoping to be there a bit early and let him have some nice green grass before everything was ripped away from me. Unfortunately, while I did look at the map on the website, the Highways Department has since changed all road signs from names to numbers. So I accidentally passed the road that I needed to turn down, but hooked up with the "gravel highway" that would take us there. But because the road names got changed to numbers, I wasn't sure what road I was looking for. So I called up Dr. Brad and asked him which road number I needed. He told me Road 37, so I checked around there, but no pet cemetery (there is a sign saying where it is). So I called him back again, and he said that he had given me the wrong road, it was actually Road 35. I told him to stay where he was and I'd meet up with him. Took me not even 5 minutes to get to him and then pull into the Pet Cemetery.

Made our way up the grass drive-way and then parked in a grassy area. The drive-way to go to the cemetery goes through the bush and I wasn't sure if my trailer would fit down there and just would walk Dollar down there. And it was a nice last walk, through the bush. I wasn't looking forward to what was going to be happening, but I knew that it was the right decision.

Once we got to where Dollar's grave is, Dr. Brad directed us where he wanted him and got everything ready while I gave him the last of the carrots that I had brought for him. Once Dr. Brad had everything ready, he gave Dollar a light sedative to take the edge off. And my horse was a cheap date. Dr. Brad gave him a small dose of sedative and Dollar had one knee almost buckled and was slightly swaying. Cheap date. Then Dr. Brad gave him the 2 needles while I held him until he started going down, then I let go of him. And all I could say to Dollar while he was getting his injections was that I was so sorry I had to do this. Once he started going down, I let go of his halter and Keith just wrapped his arms around me while I bawled.

Once he was gone, Dr. Brad took off his halter and lead rope and gave them back to me. I was still bawling and Dr. Brad said that he'd meet me up at the trailer so that we could pay for the burial and euthanization. We paid for everything, thanked Dr. Brad for his services and then turned the truck around. And then Keith heard a hissing noise coming from my back right tire. I took a look at it and noticed a gash in the tire. Urg! Luckily the guys who work for the people who own the cemetery were still there and said that we could go down to their place which was a mile down the road. We asked them if we would make it and they said if we left now, we would. So me and Keith hopped in the truck (with a very empty and lonely trailer) and headed down to their place.

The guys changed the tire pretty quickly, although we learnt to never borrow a mechanics truck as they never have what you need. Urg. We thanked them for their help and got back in the truck. But the truck decided not  to start. FML!! So the guys came back with an industrial booster, hooked up my truck for a couple minutes and then I got it started. We thanked the guys yet again and then headed home. Keith had offered to drive the truck and trailer home, but I told him that I would be OK to drive.

Got the truck back to my Dad's without any further problems and told him that I hated his truck. Then went to pick up V at my sister's place, who apparently was a complete angel and slept for 2 hours with Uncle Brett. Then while I was getting her ready for bed, I heard her say "I Love You" in the baby mumble jumble. Aww...

My hubby is the bestest though. When we got home and after I had nursed V, Keith got a nice hot tub ready for me so that I could soak and decompress after the events of today. And then he had a cup of tea made for me while I played Super Mario on the Wii with Violet.

And to top it off, remember the custom pony I ordered? Well the lady posted the finished product on FaceBook and said that she would be shipping it Monday morning. I'd say that's a good way to end my day.

Sigh, I miss you so much Old Man.......


  1. I am so sorry you had to let him go, even though it was the right thing. This entry made me cry. *hugs* I've been thinking of you all week.

  2. I remember being there all too well. It's never easy. *Hugs*